Handshake Advertising

This past year, Miami adopted a new online system to conduct on-campus recruiting as well as events such as the various career fairs occurring throughout the year. standupThe new system, Handshake, is a sharp contrast to the previous system the department used; the result of which has shifted our various workflows significantly.

More importantly, by way of this system, students interaction/communication with the department has changed. Kelly Thompson and I forged an ad campaign to communicate the numerous activities (cultivated by the department) by which students can better prepare for and manage their respective career exploration.

Our initial copy for the campaign was conceived by Kelly, providing a strong platform on which we could build — or in this case, deconstruct. The best communications treat users like intelligent people and allow students to judge for themselves the value of that interaction. This both honors their time as well as educates them to the intricacies of the software. 

So we cut away all the content, compressing the advertising into a series of actions muted in Miami red (our brand color) while knocking out the Handshake logo for proper emphasis. As we discussed our approach, it seemed clear that a typographic treatment might be interesting to communicate messaging, exclusively in the branded typefaces unique to Miami. The words ‘JOBS’, ‘FAIRS’ and ‘CAREERS’ attract attention, regardless of the recessed color in the overall piece. 

“Mad Species”


I’ve been dancing with this idea for quite some time: anthropomorphizing rats into various occupations, all of which make money from other people’s misery. Each image will have the character iterating one word that best rationalizes its respective behavior. Pretty simple concept, but it permits me to play with typography, design, lighting, illustration, color, and inking, calling back to my days at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

So … I’m learning to draw rats, the filthy beasts.

I’m still debating how I need to draw this: either in a more realistic approach or something with a more cartoon-style flair.

LinkedIn Advertising

Image of photographer

The goal of this piece was to communicate to students that the Miami Career Center employed a photographer to take professional headshots for LinkedIn. Simple story. I had a great time working this one out, doing that subtle, invisible geometry that makes or breaks a communications piece.

I’m fairly pleased with the bokeh in this piece. Heather had a wonderful, almost impish smile I did not want to obfuscate with either copy or the lens I used. I feel as though this was a pretty good compromise in marrying words with photography to tell a message as clearly, concisely as possible.