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Unsub: A Novel Review

Written in a very tight, Dan Brown-esque magazine style of writing, Unsub is fairly thick on plot yet transient on character or story structure.

This book was the helpless victim of our inability to focus on paragraphs over 20–30 words long as well numerous other casualties in the war for our attention—writing techniques like synchronicity, propulsion (many scenes are linked together conjunctively using ‘and’ rather than ‘because’ or ‘therefore’), and foreshadowing.

I would like to read an earlier draft of this as I suspect the editing hacked and slashed its way through some of the juicier bits of writing that would have propelled the book from screenplay writing to a meaty novel. Sadly, there is nothing really new here as the marketing would have you believe.

I do not want to be unduly harsh on the book: Unsub reads very quickly, the action moves, and it is in many respects a good, tight read. I’ll likely return to Gardiner’s world as I’m curious to see how she chooses to develop it.