A piece of Banksy artwork — the 2006 ‘Girl with Balloon’ — spontaneously shredded through its picture frame at Sotheby’s auction house after it had just that moment sold for £860,000 (about $1.2 million dollars as of this writing).

Banksy is brilliant.

Ending Malaria

Megan Molteni of Wired Magazine cracks open the Crispr gene-editing process relative to eliminating malaria (a fifteen year process) in mosquitoes.

I’m curious what unforeseen changes will occur in the ecology as we mold our environment at a genetic level. Everyone agrees that ending malaria is a good thing. But good things are relative in Mother Nature. Ecologically, events cascade in often unforeseen fractals — an evolving, invisible calculus catalyzed by technology.

I’m sure educated, brilliant people are connecting the dots of these events. The challenge is the dots are moving and mingling in unusual Gestalts. As Tim Berners-Lee, the man who created the hyperlink, might say, “one thing leads to another.”