technology writing

“We Are All Celebrities Now”

Anil Dash has published technology articles on the Internet for 20 years now. It’s hard to comprehend the dedication, the sheer act of will to consistently publish technology insights for that amount of time. More, it’s baffling the amount of change he has witnessed in technology during those two decades. It’s a staggering achievement.

Celebrating this, he published a well-considered article concerning some of the lessons he’s learned. One struck me as particularly poignant:

“always write with the idea that what you’re sharing will live for months and years and decades…”

– Anil Dash

Words to live by, though he avoids using the word ‘publish’. It seems more important than ever to make certain everyone understands the gravity of its meaning. You are speaking with whatever world is out there: good, bad or indifferent. One of the challenges of communicating with the world is that we dance with words in unique and often disingenuous ways. ‘Post’ is an innocuous word. It sounds almost cute.