Apple’s Post-iPhone Era

The Vision Pro, Apple’s version of augmented reality goggles, was recently announced at its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). At $3,500, it is not a B2C device. Keep in mind, it was announced at a developer conference. Keep in mind, it is effectively, a Mac on your head (at this point). Apple is relying on developers to run with the concept, based on the API framework they created. The general look and feel is that of the classic Spielberg film, Minority Report.

Much like the iPhone, which was not a consumer-friendly device until the 4S model, the Vision Pro will be great in about five years when it evolves into a more consumer-friendly price model, can offer a better transformative work/lifestyle experience, and (broadly) the Internet infrastructure in the United States — currently ranked 12th in the world — can provide the necessary bandwidth to properly leverage the experience.

Five years.