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  • Exodus

    Cal Newport writing for The New Yorker: These people are generally well-educated workers who are leaving their jobs not because the pandemic created obstacles to their employment but, at least in part, because it nudged them to rethink the role of work in their lives altogether. Many are embracing career downsizing, voluntarily reducing their work […]

  • Protection

    David McCabe and Cicilia Kang writing for The New York Times: A second provision [of President Biden’s executive order] will encourage the Federal Trade Commission to write rules limiting how the tech giants use consumer data, a response to criticism that companies like Amazon can leverage what they know about users to gain the upper […]

  • The Work Identity

    In an interview with The Creative Independent, Jonny Sunn, author and illustrator, offers It’s related to that feeling of constantly needing to work on something or constantly needing something to fill your plate. I don’t know if I would say how we’re pressured to define ourselves by our work, or how we do define ourselves […]

  • Distributing You

    Mark Weidenbaum writing for Disquiet: Social media is “social.” Blogs are “web logs.” Social media expects feedback (not just comments, but likes and follows). Blogs are you getting your ideas down; feedback is a byproduct, not a goal. As a content creator on social media, you do not really control the channel. You do not […]

  • Blocked and Broken

    Elizabeth Dwoskin and Gerrit De Vynck reporting for the Washington Post: Experts in free speech and technology said … issues are connected to a broader problem: overzealous software algorithms that are designed to protect but end up wrongly penalizing marginalized groups that rely on social media to build support. Black Americans, for example, have complained […]

  • Educating Obsolescence

    We have a generation that is growing up with modern computing interfaces. Instead of creating new tools for education, we are still pushing the “classic” models onto them. Why? Om Malik, from his blog article The Paradigm Shift

  • That Ivory Orbit

    The Authenticity of ‘Got Milk’ Back in 1993, the California Milk Processor Board needed a fix. The problem? Improve milk sales. Dairy was in a slump. Focus groups conducted by Jon Steel — a partner at advertising firm Goodby, Silverstein & Partners — painted a fevered picture of an emotional connection to milk in its absence. […]

  • The Cost of Narrative

    In 2004, HBO aired a series called Deadwood, a Western-style show by creator David Milch. Milch’s vision of Deadwood trafficked in all the traditional tropes of the Wild West, but applied contemporary sensibilities to its numerous subplots, making for a compelling narrative. At the time, HBO was well on its way to transforming into a […]

  • Writing Meet Wall

    “You’ve gotta see some of the new stuff we’ve got. Dustin, show him the wall. I’m just calling it the wall.” – Mark Zuckerberg character as written by Aaron Sorkin in The Social Network Kevin Roose’s new book, Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation sits in that marketing sweet spot — […]

  • ProRAW

    Kirk McElhearn has an excellent deconstruction of Apple’s new photographic format, ProRAW, which turns out to be mostly overzealous marketing lingo. More, McElhearn comprehensively unpacks what RAW is, how it works, and how ProRAW differs from the more traditional RAW formats used in modern DLSRs and mirrorless cameras. One of the key elements of raw […]